Sunday, March 27, 2016

It will never end

I almost went to war over my 10 year old today a little boy no more than 7 canned my daughter a N****.

As I confronted the mother who didn't even get off the phone to deal with the situation,  I knew she didn't care and possibly where he learned his manners. 

She proceeded to tell me it's ok because she was bothering him and she didn't say anything about that.  How on God's green earth is that the same thing?

After a lot of back and forth about the difference in severity of what she did and what he did.  Which his sisters tried to say that since I didn't hear him say it that he didn't say it.  However just because I didn't hear it my daughter heard it and plus he admitted to it, he even said that the reason he said it was because she was bothering him.

She finally got him to apologize which of course was a half-hearted SORRY which I made him do it again he came over barely looked her in the face and said SORRY again I let it go after that cuz I knew I really wasn't going to get anywhere plus my husband was already here and they were scared so they ran away.

I titled this particular rant it will never end because as much as the blacks before us faught to get away from that word to many today try to embrace it and make it an inside only word.  However any word used inside will eventually leak outside. 

Let it be known Felicia Qhamata may be nice,  but I will hurt you over my kids.

Monday, March 21, 2016

New hobby

So I've got a new hobby.  I've offically started knitting as a way to keep my brain sharp and my dexterity on point.  As well as something creative to make stuff for fun.

Check out my first project:

Friday, March 18, 2016

My soapbox

Okay so the guy today on 740 KTRH NewsRadio that is standing in for Matt Patrick says that this Patrick Green guy that's suing the church for putting up a cross because he's an atheist and he thinks it's tacky and whatnot blah blah blah that the only reason atheists are going against Christians is because Christians are sweet and lovable and God-fearing and the reason they don't go against Muslims is because well they're afraid of being killed. 

Are you freaking kidding me? There are Muslims in this world that are just as God-fearing if not more than some Christians and we're not out trying to kill people. Now there are people claiming to be Muslims that are out there killing Christians, Muslims and others just out of ignorance. And to be honest seriously you're afraid of us killing you? We're just as afraid of you killing us,  there are plenty of dead Muslims right now who got shot and killed, ran over, or whatever else just for being Muslim by "God-fearing Christians". 

Rant over I'm off my soapbox. 

I don't speak out much because I try to stay out of all this craziness but sometimes I get so freaking irritated by the stupid people out there who don't understand Islam or Muslims. I say that separately because Islam and Muslims are two different things Islam is the religion Muslims are the people in and just like Christians, Muslims can do stupid stuff and kill people but that has no reflection on the religion because the religion didn't make them do it. Christians do stupid stuff but you don't see the media blaming that on Baptists,  Catholics, etc.