Friday, May 8, 2015

Doctor Hunt

So as my Fibro and Lupus team know I am on the hunt for a new RA. My current one although he has been great helping me so far, he has fallen off. I had a weird and extreamly painful back issue Wednesday. I contacted him about it to see if we could spitball a cause or if he had any suggestions or as he said my last appt if things get worse we could set an appointment. Well all I got from him was "Mrs. Q I'm glad you are better". But I'm not better, pain is an issue and what if that happens when I'm not home next time. I was laid out for over 20 mins unable to move without intense pain shooting down my back. 

At first look I found two doctors that I liked at the hospital I want to be associated with that had good patient reviews. Well the first one I called doesn't treat Fibromyalgia so unless when I go I actually get diagnosed with Lupus I can't go to her again. And obviously she was at the top of my list since she was the first I called. UGGGH I didn't think this was going to be a cake walk, but good grief, cut me some slack. 

Doc Hunt - Strike 1 emoticon