Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Raw Food Day 2

Raw Food, Who knew?

Ok, So I've decided to start slow, replacing one to two meals or all 2 if I'm feeling it.  I commited myself last June to going fully raw cold turkey.  Which worked at first, then I fell off into old habits (being a vegetarian not to bad).  So I've been toying around with new recipes and watching some inspirational videos and so I'm back at it.  This time I'm going to ease my way into it.  At some point I will do @Rawvana's 7 day reset to Reset my body and mind then make out my meal plans with raw meals and not look back.

So far today:
 I've had a bowl of fruit (mango, strawberries and blackberries) for breakfast.  With a side of lime & strawberry infused (32oz) water.

 I'm looking at a salad mixed greens (romaine, chard, & kale), mini bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and italian dressing.

 I'm thinking Spaghetti squash (especially since DH already tried cutting into it SMH).

Wish me good health

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