Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 3 of 100

100 Day Challenge 

Ok, So I neglected to mention that this raw food adventure is going to a 100 day challenge along with exercising and a religious activity. Yay for day 3. Not much to comment on today, but it's a rainy day 80% chance which will kill our outside walks but I'm going to power through some how. 

Great update I actually hit 10000 steps by 5pm yesterday. emoticon 
I ended the day with 11971. Also all this extra work is paying off I'm down past my previous stall line of 177 emoticon So Happy, Gonna keep up the good work. 

So All this working out and speed walking killed me last week.  My knee started giving me issues and I almost caved a couple of times, but powered through.  I'd like to also thank my "Creed Card" which I got from the Humana living fit conversation.  

The Creed Card reads:

I don't fee like walking, and the choice is up to me.....

But I want and deserve to be Lean, Healthy, and Fit.

So, for right now I choose to be uncomfortable, get
up and get walking and train my mind to make 
exercise and it's benefits a regular part of my life.

So with that in mind I was temporarily uncomfortable getting started and worked through the discomfort to keep exercising and as the weight post above shows it's working.