Friday, January 31, 2014

World Hijab Day Count Down - My story

It's almost World hijab day and so I thought I'd share my story and feelings.  In 2009 after my husband and I got married I started covering out of respect for my husbands new found religion, Islam.  Well 2 short months after we got married we had a death in the family which made me look at things in a whole new light.

In September of that same year I saw the light (noor) as it were and came into Islam.  From that day forth I took great pride in my hijab and was very proud to wear it.  Being that I had worn it prior to this date I was used to the weather, looks and questions (Aren't you hot?, So what are you a muslim?).  

We (my husband and I) had a 4 year old little girl at the time and we had just put her into an Islamic School. (Here's where the story gets interesting and I urge other sister's if you think about asking or speaking up, Don't! )

In the interest of trying to get our daughter used to wearing the hijab early we bought her a few to wear to her "Islamic" school.  I know Allah (SWT) doesn't require this until after puberty so we never stopped our daughter if she complained of being hot and took it off.  Or took it of for no real reason and left in the car, at school or home.
1) However the Quran teacher felt the "need" to inform me that it was un necessary for her to cover at such a young age.  I'm thinking to myself I may be new to this, but my husband is well versed in his 2 years of study he had before I even thought about converting.  I let it go, she's just trying to help.
2) Fast forward 2012 I've already had my second daughter and my son who as an infant is at home with daddy.  I go to HEB and while picking out veggies I get stopped by a "Muslim" sister (w/o hijab in a t-shirt and shorts) telling me how beautiful my girls are, but "you do know they don't have to wear the hijab right".  Yes, I do.  "And you still make them wear it?"  I don't make them wear it.  "Ok" and she walks away.  Wow, ok.
3) Fast forwarding again to 2014.  I'm in la la land thinking that's over.  As I'm putting my 1 and 3 year old in the basket (double seaters at HEB, I know HEB again, but different location).  I get them in the basket and just as I'm about the back it out to go in.  I get cornered (literally; between her and a wall) by a "Muslim" sister in a mini dress and you guessed it NO HIJAB.  Trying to explain to me that my girls don't "have to" wear that yet.  I tell her I know that I don't make them.  Especially the little one, she's been putting on hijabs since she was between 1-2 and she will pitch a fit if you try to get her out of the house without it.  The older one says she wants to look like mommy because mommy is beautiful.  She says ok, but doesn't leave it at that.  She then starts to test my islamic knowledge.  Asking which prayers I do (I'm thinking lady I've been practicing for over 4 years now I may not be a scholar, but I'm not stupid).  I politely inform her I do all 5 and I even do them in Arabic.  Shocked she then proceeds to ask me to recite the Fatihah for her.  I'm shocked at this point and politely let her know I have to hurry and get the kids home.

Moral here is everyone has their faults.  Having my girls in Hijab is a blessing not a sin.  So, If you are going to throw stones, just make sure your house isn't glass.