Friday, July 6, 2012

Doing Good

With Ramadan coming up we are not just supposed to reflect on life, death, God and family, but also the things around us.  We are supposed to do good to help all living things.  So not just people, but the earth needs some taking care of as well.  One thing I've seen a lot more people take up now a days is collecting cans.  This is a great way to recycle and remove waste not just from the trash cans which will end up in the land fills, but also from the earth around us as there are plenty of little litter bugs among us.  I've also seen a comeback for recycling plastics and paper.  Do you have any idea how much paper is just thrown away when it can be re used to create new paper?  My company vends with a shred company that not only collects and shreds our paper, but also recycles the paper that is collected.  Giving us not only the chance to remove the paper from waste, but also turn it into paper again to be re used before taking out another tree.  Please visit Castle Ink to find another way you can renew and reuse to do good.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We live and we die. In between we are to serve god to the best of our ability. How many of us are on the straight path and how many of us have been led astray? Has god given you a way to return or left you a you are meant to burn.
Will you be ready for your book to be read and your deeds to be counted when angel Israfil blows the horn?
These are the things we must think of day to day and reflect on especially during the holy month of ramadan. Are you prepared to gain as many good deeds as possible while shaitan is chained and heaven is wide open? Forget tomorrow, later is not promised so make the most of NOW.