Friday, February 10, 2012

Spilled Beans

Dh finally spilled the beans.  I sent him to the store for diapers and a few things I knew he wouldn't mess up buying for the baby if I wasn't there and this is one of the things he brought (on his own) back. 

Now his routine is the bring the bags in and leave them by the door leaving me to put them away because they A) annoy me sitting there and B) Khalifah will start riffling through them sooner or later if left to long.  So this actually ends up being the last bag I pick up.  I open it to see what I've got to know which room to go to in order to put it away.   I look at all the blue firstly and see the words "daddy's little buddy" on the mittens.  I stop in my tracks, laugh, look at DH and ask really?  He looks back and says "What?"  I'm like dude "daddy's little buddy"? His response well you were going to find out sooner or later and I didn't want to waste money on unisex clothes when I already know what it is.  I was like dear that was part of the fun. 

So yes, Team Green is now Team peen as we have a baby with a peen growing in there.