Friday, February 10, 2012

Early Release Part 2

So I went to the MFM (Peri) doc yesterday.  He agrees with my OB that I'm 3cm dilated and funneling (whatever that is).  Baby is very much head down (which I could have told him all the pain I feel).  Baby has gained weight and is up to 5 lbs 13 oz.  Right where big sis was 3 days before she popped out.

Now to the early release.  Obviously not being on the progesterone and it officially wearing off TODAY, being dilated and an added bonus, Doc suggested if I don't go on my own in 2 wks to induce. Yay, booo!!  I hate that word "Induce" mainly because I am a big baby when it comes to pain and the pain from induction is out of this world.  Only saving grace is being I plan to get my tubes tied I will have to have an epi anyways so induction or not (Insha'Allah - God willing) I will be pain free for the labor.

I am still having active contractions, loosing pieces of my mp (tmi I know) and feel like the baby is about to fall out of me he is so low.  So we are again playing the waiting game.  I am thankful though God and LO are waiting so far because in 30 mins I will be 36 weeks.  Which is still preterm (37 weeks), but better than the 34/35 I got the release papers on. :)
PS.  Special thanks to Dr. Kirshon at the Houston Perinatal Associates.  Keep up the good work.  Unfortunately after the last appointment you probably won't see me for my next baby unless God truly steps in.