Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early Release Granted

Well it looks like LO's early release has been granted.  
1st Peri appt: My peri checked and I am dilated, his guess 1-2 cm.  Baby is measured at 5lbs 2 oz.  He suggested I discontinue the progesterone, go out on leave til the baby comes and labor should not be stopped if it starts.  He also predicted I don't make it to the appt he requested I follow up with him on in a week. 
2nd OB appt: My OB thinks my peri is a downer (for the last statement above).  She did my GBS test, baby's hb is strong at 135, she checked and in fact I am 3 cm dilated.  BP still good, lost 1 lb.  She on the other hand thinks I will make it to FT so she scheduled her f/u for 2 wks.  
Now my opinion I am some what on my peri's side because again he "predicted" I wouldn't make it to my next week apt when I was preg with DD#2 on a Tuesday and I went into labor Friday night.  Also I was on 17p's then as well and went into labor the week after my last shot.  Also my pregnancies are like this if I contract I go into labor, if my water breaks it could be forever before I start labor.  And unfortunately I am contracting first this time and my CM has changed and is slowly increasing with each day.