Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh happy day....

NOT! so not only was I like soooo behind at work, but I was also starting to get sick.  My throat was starting to itch.    My DD#1 is already sick and lo and behold the little one is teething again with her fourth beautiful tooth (so happy my precious is no longer toothless).

So the perfect end to the perfect day, I am sitting in the bed miserable.  My throat hurts soooo much, my nose won't stop running which lead to a massive nose bleed and my head is killing me.  I took a benedryl to combat the sneezing and the runny nose, not helping so far.  Bright side babies are in the bed.  Just gonna curl up and call it a night.

Pray we get better by Monday, I want to take my babies to the Zoo.