Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off to see the doctors...

the wonder doctors of mine, because because because, because I'm 31.5 today :) lol

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am officially 31 weeks 5 days today and I will be visiting both my MFM and my OB today.  I have my OB first in which I will still be complaining about this insane itching.  :( I am not happy with this.  Alhamdulilah the initial test for the OB colestasis came back negative, but the itching has progressively gotten worse since then and I'm miserable.  I pray this time though that when I get my blood taken I don't look like I just lost a fight afterwards.  See below:

And this was actually only the beginning of the bruising.  Ouch.

After my OB I'm off to the MFM to catch another glimpse of my little person.