Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slight After thought

Being swept up in all the excitement of my friends finding out what they are having a tiny little part of me wants to catch a sneak peek at the next Anatomy scan on the 12th.  However I feel like I've held out this long what's another 2 months.

Now I know I'm not due until March 10, but that is such an estimate I don't think I will reach.  DD#2 was 2 weeks early by nature (Thank God for the 17P shots that with the help of God held her off till then) and being that this baby is consistantly measuring 1 week ahead I have a good feeling I'm looking at a February baby not March.  As long as S/he doesn't chose February 29th I will be one happy momma Boy or Girl.

Ps.  I think it's a boy :D