Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doctor's Visits

Well I'm prepping for my doctor's visits today.  I got another anatomy scan scheduled this morning.  Praying LO is still ahead of the game on size although his/her weight is killing me I don't want him/her to have IUGR like DD#2.  Also afterwards I visit my OB for my GTT test and a regular visit.  whoo whoo (not on the GTT) So that is why I'm up at the crack of dawn because I was informed I could eat, proteins only, 4hours before the test and I hope to make around 10 ish.  Pray the drink doesn't make me pass out, ech.

27.5 weeks and counting, Alhamdulilah (All praises be to God) for making it this far with a healthy, active baby.  As the other women were told I know no news is good news so if I don't hear from my doc my Monday I passed.  I feel better than other years so hopefully I won't even have anemia this time.  Only time and God will tell.