Monday, October 10, 2011

As the world turns...

So as the days/weeks (and at some point the months) go by this time is getting closer and closer.  I'm excited to hear the birth of one of my high school friends son Hudson this past week.  He has had some issues, but is a trooper.  Another who is also a fellow blogger is Due in December and has reached the 3rd tri milestone marker.

I'm still floating around in the 2nd tri trying to get to the Anatomy scan on 10/20 which will put me 2day shy of 20 weeks and half baked.   And then V-day on November 19th.  I pray my LO makes it to March being that I'm due on the 10th and that's two weeks in and DD#2 barely made it into September being due on the 18th and came 2 weeks early on the 4th.  Whatever happens I'm counting down the days.

However my Dear Husband (DH) whom I love has been in this delusion that I won't have the baby till 3 weeks late in April.  We don't do birthdays, but I think it's wishful thinking that the baby will share a month with him.  He's cute and obviously thinks he's funny as well.