Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anatomy Scan - Check

It's a.........Baby!

Today was my anatomy scan and I am proud to say that as of now I am still Team Green.  I do not know what we are having.  I have a paper of the sex written down, but that is for DH's eyes only.  Well in theory. I plan to let him and only him see.  I hope to avoid the urge to look tonight (or anytime today while it's in my possession).

The baby is healthy and a nice week ahead of schedule.  I go back in 8 weeks to keep an eye on my lady bits and the baby's growth. :D

I am so proud.  When the questionaire asked if I wanted to know I said no to put it away for Husband.  I even watched my gaze to keep from getting an accidental glimpse on the screen.  The doc was pretty good after he found it out at not going back to that area and not telling me either.  I'm sure this is not his first GREEN ultrasound so.  They also didn't put it anywhere in my chart so even my doctor (who I was surprised to find out didn't know until delivery) won't even know.  Soo Yeah for a mini milestone of making it through the u/s without caving.