Saturday, October 15, 2011

19 Weeks

your baby's the size of a mango!
At about 6.0 inches long and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces, she's getting there!

This is where I stand, 19 weeks pregnant and almost half baked.  I have a very important decision to make between now and October 20th.  On that day I have my standard ob appointment and my appointment with the Perinatologist to do our Level II Anatomy scan.  This is a big day and as I said I have a big decision to make.  To stay green and not know what we are having or to find out and tell the world.  

My dearest husband is finding out regardless of what I do, but it's a tough thing for me to pin point.  Being that we found out the others I like the element of surprise this go round.  And I have just read a story on the March 2012 board of The Bump where one of the mommies to be got to her A/s and as soon as the tech put the u/s (ultrasound) wand down there were the goods and she knew she had a little Boy coming.  Congrats to her. 

I am soooo still on the fence. One day I feel like i'm ready to step down one way or the other and then I don't.  I give Kudos to all those moms that decided from day one and never veered from the road ahead. I have also been toying with the idea of finding out, but keeping it to myself so as to still have some element of surprise.  

Weight gain/loss: Steady

Maternity clothes? sort of

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? what's that LOL

Best moment this week? On 10/20 it will be a healthy baby on track for Due date

Movement: Yes

Food cravings: not really

Gender: At this point still a surprise

Belly button in or out? Still in

What I miss? Caffeine

What I am looking forward to? V-day November 19th

Weekly wisdom: I have none LOL