Sunday, September 18, 2011

UT vs A&M

Ok so I'm not that big on professional football, but I love college football for some reason. The whole UT/A&M thing used to make me laugh until let see I think it was the year 2000 the Weimar Wildcat band went to a UT v. OU game and sat in on the bands practice. Being that our band director at the time was a Texas Ex this was about the only school we would have gone to ;) lol. Anyways from that day on (eventhough I still despised any shorthorn) I was in love with the Texas Longhorns. But being that my Nana wanted to keep a close watch on me I ended up at the University of Houston. A good school, but they also had beef with UT which didn't go over well when I wore my Texas Longhorn T-shirt.

Being that our small little country town was also divided I have some close friends even family that are Aggies. I do not judge them for their faults :)

Fast forwarding to today. It took me a min to notice, but the dentists office that I took my girls to yesterday seems to have tried to spark a sub-conscience rivalry in my own home. So both my girls got balloons for being good patients. My oldest got a Maroon balloon and my youngest an orange one. Like I said I thought nothing of it at first until my oldest was playing with them together and I noticed the colors and fought the urge to pop the maroon one because I knew my oldest would be distraught.

Hmm, Good thing they no not what they have I'm gonna let them have their fun, but I will watch the dentist assistant next time.