Monday, September 19, 2011


Well we had a dentist appointment for both of our daughters Saturday. All went well. The oldest has both of her bottom teeth that are on their way to falling out. If you looked at the x-ray you it looked like she was a shark with an extra row of teeth waiting to come out after a good hunt. I asked her if they were wiggly and she said no :) yeah uh huh I took a look at them when we got home and any more wiggly they would have been out on the floor LOL. Too cute.

Now on to the baby. She is so precious with her toothless smile. I love her to death. DH is worried she is to old to not have teeth. I'm not as worried yet because Africa started late around 11 months cutting teeth. Well Dentist examined the baby to her horror thinking she was being attacked and nothing. Not a tooth in sight or feel.

So one little princess is on her way to toothless town the other is making herself comfortable there :)


She may be toothless, but that doesn't stop her from eating :) Gotta love 'em.