Friday, August 26, 2011

Qhamata News update

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The Qhamata's, Alhamdulilah are expecting #3.  You read right Mr&Mrs. Qhamata are welcoming a new addition to their lives.  With Africa almost 6 years old and islamicly Khalifah just turned one on the 25th of Ramadan we are expecting another bundle of joy.  This blessing's expected arrival is March 10th 2012.

After a successful 12wk doctor's appointment today and only one minor hiccup so far we feel it is a good time to spread the news.  I will still be watched and have weekly shots starting mid September, but we are looking forward to a healthy baby next year.

I would like the sex to be a surprise this go round.  Being that we have two girls and I think it will be fun to wait until the end to know for sure (which since Ultrasounds can be wrong, no one knows for sure till the end).