Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak

Alhamdulilah another Ramadhan has passed.  May Allah bless all those that fasted this Holy month and those who had the intention (like myself), but were unable to.

We look to tomorrow Eid al Fitr which is not a day to gorge on food just because fasting has ended, but as another blessing of another day and the blessing to see another Ramadan come to a close.  Please join me in welcoming the month of Shawal and blessing all of those who will fast the first 6 days as well.

May Allah have mercy on all of our souls on the day of Judgment and bless us that we may make it to the Hereafter with those we love.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Qhamata News update

Extra, Extra Read All about it!

The Qhamata's, Alhamdulilah are expecting #3.  You read right Mr&Mrs. Qhamata are welcoming a new addition to their lives.  With Africa almost 6 years old and islamicly Khalifah just turned one on the 25th of Ramadan we are expecting another bundle of joy.  This blessing's expected arrival is March 10th 2012.

After a successful 12wk doctor's appointment today and only one minor hiccup so far we feel it is a good time to spread the news.  I will still be watched and have weekly shots starting mid September, but we are looking forward to a healthy baby next year.

I would like the sex to be a surprise this go round.  Being that we have two girls and I think it will be fun to wait until the end to know for sure (which since Ultrasounds can be wrong, no one knows for sure till the end).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Finally Saw it...

My dear daughter (DD) #2 was walking all by her self.  No prompting, no pushing.  Even DD#1 got to see her sister take steps in her directions.  It was sooo cute seeing her try to balance and going towards her sister who was having a play party in the middle of the living room.  AWWW
Now I think it's time for the teeth.  DD#2 has been the crankiest little bugger and not going to sleep until like 1am b/c she has been running a fever and upset.  Sad poor thing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Steps

Ok so 5pm on Tuesday, August 16th my little girl took her very first steps.  And of course I missed it :( DH called to tell me as I was driving to get our oldest daughter from school.   She won't do it again she keeps looking at me and laughing when he tries to get her to do it again.  I'm like ugggh

Ah well Insha'Allah I will catch her one day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My DH balded my baby :(

Ok I know it sounds bad, but there was a reason behind it.  Since she was born she's had at least 2 outbreaks of cradle cap and one skin infection. Plus she had the normal baby bald spot in the back of her head that was taking its time growing in.  Also we had an outbreak at the house of something new from  another child.

So between my husband and the Ped they felt it would be best to shave it and start over.  This way it would scrap her scalp and remove anything that may still be there and then her hair could also grow back a little more even.  Although I've had many other mothers who have tried this for the bald spot issue and found that the spot still does what it wants, but sometimes so does DH so...

Here is my balded baby.

She is still the cutest thing!  Alhamdulilah there are no cuts on her head.  She thought it was fun for awhile.  Insha'Allah her hair will grow back with avengence, but not to fast DD#1 has enough hair for the both of them.

See Below:

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my Africa.  She is officially a Kindergartner.  She had been dying to go to school all summer, but today she acted like this was her very first day of school ever and it was so cute to have her hold on to me and not want to leave.

Not at all like her first day of PreK she saw the toys and completely forgot about me.  LOL I felt so hurt.   But she had a good day so God willing she will continue on the road to success LOL and grow everyday.