Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well I have come across this amazing website FLYlady.  It helps disorganized or clueless beings like myself get better organized around the house so you have peace of mind.  Especially if you have kids you need all the pieces of mind you can find being that you lost most of them during pregnancy.  The sleepless nights of infancy and the head banging teen years(<-I'm not here yet).

I have embarked as of the 15th on my Flying lessons.  I am officially a flybaby and am taking baby steps to control.  I am the worst procrastinator there is so part of the test of this system will be the building of my control journal which this is actually the second time I've started this.  I failed out within the first week last time.  Control Journal started binder, paper, pretty picture up front and that was about it.

God willing I will have a testimonial of epic proportions that even my Nana would be proud of.  Seeing as she spent years trying to get me to clean (LOL) yeah that didn't work out to well.