Thursday, January 20, 2011

Report Cards

Report Cards!

Report Cards!

I remember a time way back when (LOL I'm not that old) when I used to be excited to get my report card.  There were only a few occasions (few like 2) where I wasn't happy about them because I knew nothing good would come of it for one of the classes that semester.  Don't get me wrong I never failed, but my Nana (God rest her soul) had VERY high expectations of me and if I got anything less than a "B" I was in hot water.

So I try to take a little bit of a different approach with my DD#1.  Of course this is easy because she is only currently in PreK LOL.  However this is her second session PreK because we started her in the second half of the year last year and had to restart her this year to play catch up.

Anyways, we got her report card today.  I had spoken with her home teacher earlier this week about what to expect.  Seems my  D(ear)D(aughter)#1 is playing the song "I don't wanna work" in her head and slacking off.  I've traced her sudden down fall to the fact that there is an new member of the family that has stolen some of mommy away.  This being said I freaked thinking the worst for my big girls report card and her rear end once daddy got ahold of both the card and her.....  So immediately after speaking with the teacher I phone my husband to forewarn him if the impending downward slop.

However after getting the report card today and again speaking with the teacher who tested my DD to get an accurate range of her understanding.  All is well.  Her grades are pretty much on par with the way they were the first 9 weeks session and she only has a little bit that she needs really work on.  Alhamdulilah! All is well.  I feel like I'M back in school again stressing over letters (grades).