Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mission Totally Possible

My mission (have no choice) I choose to accept it is to do a master clean on the house.  My husband and I have both been sick off and on for over a month now.  DD#1 came down with pneumonia, but has gotten pretty well over it.  However DD#2 is still congested with a terrible cough.  Therefore the house needs to be germ exterminated.

Since my TTY duties are suspended for the next two weeks due to the holiday break I will have the time this weekend to get this all together and get into routine before the new year.  Come 2011 I look forward to having fewer illnesses by all that occupy the house.  We've already kicked the ear infections (Africa).  So now we will kick the asthma attacks, coughs, congestion, sneezes, runny noses and all around iciness.