Friday, December 3, 2010

Are you Kidding me?

This is me for like the 3rd time since we've had our lovely Volkswagen Passat.

Let me go back to 2009 I have no cell phone. I know how does that happen!?!  Anyways so I have no cell phone and I take the car up the street to Hilcroft/Westheimer to the 99c store.  This was during the time when the "LOVELY" City of Houston had dug up the road to resurface it.  So the drive in to the parking lot was 2-3 inches higher than the ground so even driving slower than Ms. Daisy I hit the curve hard.  I think nothing of it and drive to the store park, shop and exit.  I get in the car and start to back out, but the car doesn't feel right so I pull back in and check the tire only to find it flat.  Joy...!!!  Again I don't have a cell so I have to use the store phone.  Being that it's the only car we have calling my husband does some good because he works out a ride for me to get home and for him to return and change the tire (which I know how to do, but our Jack is special and I don't plan to have a car land on me in any way).

Moving forward November 19, 2010  I go to lunch with a co-worker over to Subway and to stop in Game Stop to harass my brother in law.  Unfortunately he's not there and wont' be for an hour so we decide to leave back to work.  We get in the car back out and hear "flap, flap, flap" uggh I think that doesn't sound right.  My Co-worker gets out yup the tire is flat.  Mind you this is the same front passenger side tire from before (different tire same side).  This time the previous tire changers stripped the lugnuts so it takes almost a full week before the car is returned to us.

Fast forward December 2, 2010 (Whoo hoo I'm not driving, but BADDDDDD car)  My husband has the kids and is fast approaching to pick me up so we can return home and relax.  He calls, I think he's outside, Nope he's stuck at W Tidwell and Blalock.  He hit a pot hole and the brand new tire we just got from Discount is flat.  This time we are not going a week out of work so he returns it to Discount (one closer to the house this time).  They claim they don't have the tools to remove the last stuck lug nut and they won't replace the tire because it has a puncture.  (Thanks again COH!) Alhamdulilah we are able to get it fixed are off to work, school, and Grandma A's house.

Inshallah the spare will hold off till we can get a new tire and that side of the car will stop being so bad and breaking.

So no more