Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Prematurity Awareness Day

As I did last year I'm blogging to raise awareness about prematurity.  I didn't know about this day in 2008, but I did participate with my husband and then 2yo daughter Africa in our first March for Babies to raise money and awareness for prematurity. However in 2009 the cause struck closer to my heart and my family as our son Kirikou was born 20 wks to soon.  Being so early and under developed we were told there was nothing that could be done for him.  He lived for 4 hours after being born.  He was a strong baby no matter how small.  The short time that he lived raised the love and appreciation for others going through this situation.

In 2010 I hit the streets again raising money for the March for Babies.  This time I upped my goal.  I have yet to meet it, but still have till the end of December.  We were also blessed this year with a beautiful little girl, Khalifah. But the heartache of the outcome of my last pregnancy made me a little paranoid this time and also classified me this go around as High Risk of preterm labor since I had a previous early birth.  Therefore I was prescribed weekly P17 shots to keep all the parts that usually start labor closed and was  closely monitored by my OB and a Perinatologist.  My little one still arrived 2 weeks early in the 'Full Term' range, but still at risk for issues.  However (Alhamdulilah-All praises to God) she had none.  I like to think that people like myself that see the need to assist families like myself and others that have lost a child, has one with ailments, or is currently perfectly healthy but all born too soon that this blog post and the money we raise yearly for the March for Babies is doing something.

Please take this blog and think about someone you may know that was born premature whether it be a family member, friend, or child of a friend if you think hard enough you will find that there are more premature births than you realize.  After thinking about it look into the March for Babies and if in Houston I would love to see you marching on either April 24th in Montgomery county or May 1st at UH Robinson stadium(<-I will be at this one).

Help me spread the word and Reach my goal!