Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Piggy

Doctors have been worried about my little angels weight since she was born.  She went from 6lbs to 5lb 13 oz while in the hospital.  Granted it's normal for babies to loose weight the first 2 wks of life, but then start to gain or return to their birth weight shortly after.

We hit a little hiccup during/following her second week at her first doc appt she was 5lb 10 oz which is another 5% loss from the hospital weight.  So they freaked, but shortly after I realized that my iron pills were the cause making my poor little one constipated enough to not eat on the regular also causing her minor jaundice to almost be serious.  So I immediately stopped the iron supplements and moved to food supplementation.

Here next weight check the next day she already jumped to 5lbs 13 oz (by her next doc apt she wants her to be at her birth weight if not heavier)  so I'm like this is good.  Here next doc appt was 3 wks after the first and she was 6lb 15.5 oz on the cusp of 7 lbs. Alhamdullillah!  So she has one more weight check before her 2 mo doc visit to which the doc says she needs to be no less than 8 lbs by then.  Between the last doc visit and this weight check have only been 3 wks and with the docs 1oz a day weight gain min she was to be at a min 8lbs 5.5 oz.  My little princess tipped the scale at 8lbs 11.1 oz!  At this rate she will be 10 lbs by the 8th of November.

 Keep up the good work Munchy!