Monday, October 4, 2010

Khalifah's Birth Story

Khalifah's Birth Story

Not all details will be remembered the IV drugs made me kind of loopy/sleepy so definitely no time table.  However here goes….

Friday, September 3rd: While enjoying iftar (fast breaking during Ramadan) my oldest daughter was on the playground and my DH was about to get ready for Isha prayer.  I had already done so, so I was outside walking around the playground to keep an eye on my daughter and just to kind of start walking the baby down. 

9:00 pm All of a sudden I feel liquid leaking into my pad.  I had just went to the restroom so I was pretty sure I didn't have to pee more or that wasn't pee leaking.  It was only a little so I kept walking.  The more I walked the more started to leak.  Thinking OH MG! this is probably it, I rush back to the bathroom to check my pad to see if I can tell if it was pee and also if it was my water check the color.  The color is normal/clear and it has no smell.  I get somewhat excited because I'm pretty sure, but I have to be absolutely sure b/c DH refuses to go back to the hospital until it is really it.  Since we've been to the hospital twice in 2 weeks and was sent home both times. :D my bad….  So I go outside and start walking again to see if it continues, b/c I haven't really had any gushes just continual leaking when I move.  So it keeps coming  enough to soak the pad and start to wet my pants.  THIS IS IT!

9:03 So I call my DH who is already in the mosque.  No answer phone is already on vibrate so I leave a message, send a text that my water just broke and call back again.  Whoo hoo he answers.  I tell him I'm pretty darn sure my water broke.  He was like ok I'll be out in a second.  Then I get a text (he really doesn't want to make a blank trip, but really?) "check again and make sure it's your water."  I'm like are you serious trust me THIS IS IT!  So I get my DD who doesn't want to leave the playground.  I try to entice her by telling her that  we are going to the hospital and if mommy is right she will have a baby sister soon.  DH finally comes out and I'm like I'm sure I'm standing her wetting my pants as we speak.  So he's like ok and we get in the car and DH starts to do his fast and furious impression to get me to the hospital since I'm GBS+ I have to be there w/in the hour . 

9:15 I call the docs office in the car and they tell me to go ahead to the hospital they will let L&D know I'm coming.  DH really trying to make sure this is it asks if I'm still leaking.  I'm like I'm staying still so that I don't, but just to see I try to adjust in my seat and almost gush.  I tell him um yeah I'm still leaking.  We get to the hospital about 9:35-9:40 and I get that gush as I try to transfer myself from the car to the wheelchair. 

9:50 I sign in, change into the gown, go to the bathroom thinking a have to pee and another gush, but bigger.  Get in the bed, the nurse checks to make sure my water broke with this little strip.  And it was blue (+) whoo hoo. 

They start my antibiotics, but I'm not really contracting regularly so they let me know they spoke with the on call OB and he said that if by 6am if I'm not  regular they will start pitocin to induce labor.  So at 11pm I get an ambian from the nurse to get some sleep. 

Nothing happens so they start pitocin at like 8 or something and I'm ok.  As it gets higher I feel like I just want to crawl out of my skin.  Uggh.

So we keep going and the baby stalls coming down.  I am progressing in dialation, but there is like one small bag of water that just won't pop. 

Around 3:50pm my OB shows up as I'm 9 cm and ready to go.  The bag of water still hasn't popped so she takes the plastic hook thing and pops it.  As soon as she does I am like wide awake and screaming I feel something ahhh ahhh….. The nurse looks down and there's Khalifah's head.  She followed the flow of the water out of the birth canal while I was still only 9 cm.  Due to this I had a 2nd degree tear. But she came out screaming which was music to my ears.

I did skip the part where I did the unthinkable….the BM while pushing/progressing.  The nurse had me push a couple of times to try to pop the water before the doc got there to no avail.  I told her I had to go, but she just chocked it up to pressure from the babies head and I was like no so she didn't believe me till I went.  Not as embarrassing b/c she was the only one besides DH that was in the room and he wasn't paying attention at the time b/c he was on the phone with family.

All and all for my precious Khalifah Ameenah  born 9/4/2010, 6lbs 0oz 19in at 4:12pm I would do it all again.