Monday, August 23, 2010

36 week OB appt

Well so far I'm still pregnant.  LOL this actually is a good thing. I will be full term this Saturday so she can do whatever she wants after that, but still looking for an early bird. 

So I've actually lost 3 lbs since last week.  Found protein, but BP was good.  GBS+ which sucks that I have to be even more vigilant that my water doesn't break so I can get to hospital on time for antibiotics.  Now from last week the doc says I almost have to much fluid when last week they were slightly worried about it + her weight.  Have a f/u to check weight and fluid again tomorrow so we will see what happens then.  Still only 3 cm so no progression there. 

Still playing the waiting game.

Update to 8/24 appt at Peri's office:

Weight is up to 5lbs 8 oz Alhamdulilah!  Fluid, heart, and all other parts are looking great.  She is still head down.  No induction to worry about at this point.  Still having contractions, but nothing is bothering baby girl so Inshallah she will come when she wants and be ok.