Wednesday, August 11, 2010

34wk 4d

How far along? 34wk 4d

Weight gain/loss: Gain well last wk I was up 4 lbs!

Maternity clothes? LOL, there are other clothes out there.

Stretch marks? Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Sleep? I don't so much wake up to pee, but sleep is starting to shorten.  I wake up just being uncomfortable in whatever sleep position I"m in.

Best moment this week? My oldest daughter reading to her baby sister to calm her down.

Movement: Oh yeah, she's not the soccer player her sister was, but she's not a slacker either

Food cravings: Meh, Fried Fish, but nothing really.

Gender: Girlly Girl

Belly button in or out? half and half

What I miss? Caffiene

What I am looking forward to? Holding the little bugger and watching her sleep

Weekly wisdom: With 2day being the first day of Ramadhan: Purify your heart and keep God on your mind

Milestones: Almost full term, but got 2 wks 3 days to go so.... nope nothing going.