Friday, August 20, 2010

1st visit to L&D

Wednesday we had our first visit to Labor and Delivery.

Backtracking: Tuesday I had my 35/36 week appt with my OB and they found that I'm 3cm ALREADY!!! But during the weight ulstrasound they found her to be a little small at 4lbs 9 oz and her fluid was a little low so they scheduled me for a Level II U/s with the Peri doctor.  That doctor has my little K at 4lbs 13oz not a grand difference but closer to 5 lbs which is a good starting point.  So both advised me to watch the contractions and her movement. 

3am Wednesday morning I wake for my potty break and find that I'm having contractions.  They start increasing in pain and frequency so I call and we head out to L&D around 8am.    They monitor me from 9-11, but even with the pain increasing the frequency spreads out so they send me home. 

So we are just playing the waiting game until our little bundle of joy decides it's really time to come out.  I just need her to wait at least another week, week and a half LOL till I'm full term and a little closer to the month she was meant for. 

:::::Looking down: We love you sweetie and CAN wait a little longer to see you.  So please take this time out to just rest because food and comfort are not a easy to come by on the inside as on the outside.  You will have to cry for stuff out here :D lol Love, Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister::::::